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For years, I traveled the Central Valley doing stand-up comedy under the stage name "TREE".

From Bakersfield to Redding, I encountered nothing but great people and responsive audiences....except for that one time in Turlock.


I  have been recording live theater for the past 6 years, first in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now in Nevada County.

I will provide a 2-5 camera shoot, with editing, Title Sequence and End Credits, and a DVD.


Or, if you are looking for on-line advertising, perhaps a simple 'trailer' more suits your needs.


My rates are very reasonable: we can either do a flat rate or base it on DVD sales.

          Negotiation is always welcome.

                    References upon request.


                                            One thing is guaranteed:

                          You will be given a sample copy of the finished product.

                          If you do not like it, no money changes hands and we part as friends.


My goal is to capture live performances that would otherwise be relegated to "memories grown dim with the fading light'"



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